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Consular Affairs

How do I get a consular identity card (matrícula)? 

a) Prove your Mexican nationality.
b) Appear in person in the Mexican consulate.
c) Fill out the application form.
d) Prove residence within the area covered by the consulate.
e) Present a photo i.d.
f) Pay the fee currently in force as indicated by federal law (U.S.$29.00)

For which countries do Mexicans need a visa?

Depending on the reason for your trip, you will need a visa for most of the countries with which Mexico does not have an agreement to eliminate the visa requirement. The requirements and time periods vary from country to country. For specific information, go to Tourist Visas for Mexican Citizens  on the Foreign Ministry’s web page.

How do I get a certificate to move my belongings to Mexico ?

You must present your request in writing to the appropriate consulate. There is no specific format for this letter, but it must include your name, your desire to obtain a certificate to move your belongings to Mexico, your address abroad, how long you have lived there and your address in Mexico. You must include all necessary additional documentation. For more specific information, contact the consulate where you plan on submitting your request.

Up to how much merchandise can I bring into Mexico ?

The amount of merchandise that a foreigner or a Mexican can bring into Mexico tax-exempt is determined by the Treasury Ministry. See its web page: 


If I leave Mexico to live abroad, what sorts of things can I take with me?

That depends on the country in which you want to live. On the Foreign Ministry’s web page, look for the addresses and telephone numbers of the Embassies accredited in Mexico , from which you can request more information. To
How do I receive credit in Mexico for my studies abroad?

The Education Ministry ( ) is responsible for this procedure. The documents that you want to validate must bear the seal of the relevant foreign authority.

Where can I get the seal of The Hague for my professional diploma? 

The authority that grants the seals in Mexico for federal documents is the Interior Ministry, located on Rio Amazonas #62, 3rd floor, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City,  Zip code 06500. In each state, it is the state governmental offices. The country to which the Mexican document will be submitted must belong to The Hague Convention on the elimination of the legalization of foreign public documents, known as an “apostille.” For example, the United States , Spain , Germany and France are parties to the convention, but Canada is not. The process in question must be that of “legalization.”

If I am planning on traveling with my son or daughter to the United States without my spouse, do I need a special document? 

In order to leave Mexico , a minor must obtain a Mexican passport, for which both parents must go to the passport office closest to their residence. In order to leave Mexico with only one parent, that parent must possess a notarized letter specifying that the parent not traveling with the minor authorizes his/her spouse to travel with the child to the United States. It is also recommended that the letter mention that the minor will return to Mexico with the same person. The letter can be drawn up by the public notary in the United States embassy in Mexico : 

How can I claim my money from the savings fund that was created from money withheld from the salaries of Mexican guest workers in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s?

It is not within the Foreign Ministry’s authority to participate in the negotiations related to the so-called “Bracero fund”. For information regarding the fund, please contact the legal department of BANRURAL: 

Dirección Jurídica
Gerencia Jurídica Normativa
Calle Agrarismo No. 227
Col. Escandón, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo
México, D. F. 11800
Telephone: 52 30 16 80  Top How can I get a job in the United States?
Contact businesses in the United States that have job openings and might be interested in hiring you. The companies are responsible for presenting requests for foreign workers to the U.S. Department of Labor.

How can I get a job in the United States ?

Contact businesses in the United States that have job openings and might be interested in hiring you. The companies are responsible for presenting requests for foreign workers to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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