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The Foreign Ministry does not issue visas. All visitors to Mexico should request any necessary visas from the National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migración, an agency of the Interior Ministry). Mexican citizens should contact the embassies or consulates in Mexico of the countries they wish to visit. 

How do I get a visa to travel to the United States or to any other country?For travel to the United States, contact the United States embassy or any of its consulates in Mexico for information about visa requirements ( for travel to other countries, contact the embassy of that country.

For which countries do I need a visa?

Depending on the reason for your trip, you will need a visa for most of the countries with which Mexico does not have an agreement to eliminate the Mexico Visa Requirements. The requirements and time periods vary from country to country. For specific information, go to Tourist Visas for Mexican Citizens on the Foreign Ministry’s web page

How do I get a visa? 

A Mexico Visa is a consular document issued by the consulates and the consular sections of the Mexican embassies abroad. Visas are issued to those foreigners whose governments do not have an agreement with Mexico or do not benefit from a unilateral decision by Mexico to eliminate the visa requirement. In addition, all foreigners also require the correct immigration document permitting their legal entrance into Mexican territory. For more information, please contact the Interior Ministry’s National Immigration Institute:

Are there any specific procedures I have to follow if I want to invite a friend from another country to visit Mexico? 

You must get an entrance permit for your friend from the National Immigration Institute (Interior Ministry). Go to any of the National Immigration Institute’s delegations in Mexico for information on how to do this.  

How do I obtain an FM3 Mexico Visa and other immigration documents?
FM3 visas are issued by Mexican consulates and diplomatic representations once all requirements have been fulfilled by the interested individual depending on the purpose of the trip (for business, investment, to study, as the financial dependent of another individual, etc.). If the interested individual is already in Mexico as a tourist, he/she can obtain the FM3 form directly from the Interior Ministry’s National Immigration Institute:  

¿How many different immigration statuses are there?The General Population Law establishes three immigration statuses: Non-immigrant, immigrant and resident immigrant. The first two categories include various subcategories. For more information, see the web page of the National Immigration Institute (Interior Ministry):  

What does a foreigner have to do to be able to work or study legally in Mexico?

The Interior Ministry’s National Immigration Institute ( is in charge of issues related to the entry, legal stay and exit of foreigners to and from Mexico, as well as the cancellation when necessary of the immigration status granted. 

If I marry a foreigner, are there any particular measures I have to take?

To marry a Mexican, the foreign citizen must receive the authorization of the National Immigration Institute. To receive the authorization, the foreign citizen must be physically present in Mexico, regardless of his/her immigration status, and must know the date, place and number of the office of the civil registry that will effect the marriage. The Mexican citizen must prove his/her nationality. Go to any of the delegations of the National Immigration Institute throughout Mexico for information about the exact requirements for the marriage.

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